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Universities, School Districts and Teachers Awarded for innovations in STEM Education

STEM Education in the United States continues to grow and evolve. The following news from MIT, Iowa, South Carolina, Leon, California, and Nixa, Missouri, have appeared recently. Links to original source and article are included.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT’s Teaching and Learning Laboratory (TLL) has created 47 STEM Concept Videos to help students connect the concepts they learn in introductory STEM courses to concrete, real-world problems. Students can watch the videos to prepare for class or review a concept for an exam. Instructors can use them to supplement classroom instruction, using snippets or the entire video, most of which are under 15 minutes. Throughout the videos, viewers are prompted to pause to actively engage with the material — to predict the result of demonstrations, engage in a discussion of concepts, or perform activities tied to the video’s intended learning outcomes.
Nixa Missouri Teacher Receives STEM Educator Award - The Missouri Mathematics and Science Coalition, a program of the Missouri Chamber Education Foundation and the Monsanto Fund, has selected Garrett Lowder, a John Thomas School of Discovery teacher, as one of the 2014 STEM Educator Award winners. The award recognizes those who develop and deliver innovative educational practices to inspire and engage students in STEM education-

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CareerTech Vision 2014 - Association for Career and Technical Education

The biggest and best event of the year for the Technical Educator is taking place this week in Nashville Tennessee, at the Opryland Hotel and Conference Center. CareerTech Vision 2014, the Annual Conference hosted by the Association for Career and Technical Education has been convened for over eighty years. Educators, administrators, researchers, guidance counselors and others involved in planning and conducting CTE programs at the secondary, postsecondary and adult levels are getting together to share new ideas and best practices that will help them be prepared for their greatest challenges—all while connecting to inspirational general keynote speakers, didactic idea labs, the latest technologies, hands-on workshops, powerful business connections at the CareerTech Expo and much more.

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Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, H.R. 803, Signed Into Law


On July 22, The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)was signed into law. The signing ceremony was a showcase for the importance of national workforce education and development to economic recovery. It included the release of Ready to Work: Job-Driven Training and American Opportunity, a federal-wide effort to ensure “that federally funded training programs are singularly focused on getting more Americans ready to work with marketable skills.” 

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Industry Executives, Policy Advisors, and Educators, Discuss the Need for STEM Education in Michigan

Technical Education Publishing was fortunate to witness the 2014 Mackinac Policy Conference, in Northern Michigan, and repeatedly heard from speakers on the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education, and the dire need to engage and nurture the interest of the next generation, so they can fill the talent pipeline and compete in the 21st century economy. Following are quotes from leaders that are of special interest to our audience. Technical Education Publishing will continue to follow these executives and their mission to enhance STEM Education. Our goal is to help them reach the classroom. Watch our pages during the coming months as this develops.

Why Does the Problem Exist in the First Place? It is our inability to change our school system to get kids ready. The public school system serves so many political and private interests they don't operate to the benefit of the kids. Joel Klein, former Chancellor of the New York Department of Education and News Corporation Executive, CEO of Amplify.

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Hard Times 2013 - Center for Education and the Workforce, Georgetown University Report - Not All College Degrees Created Equal

We need our Universities to instruct our parents and children to the best course of action and the realities of higher education and the needs of our nation’s workforce. The Georgetown University Center for Education and the Workforce, has released a report that confirms that it pays to get a college education, but, not all college degrees are created equal. Choice of Major has a great impact on employment and income. The highest paying majors continue to be engineering. Unemployment is generally higher for non-technical majors.

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STEM Solutions Conference this week in Washington DC. Lego and National Instruments promote "hands on" STEM Education

April 23-25 U.S. News STEM Solutions Program will feature an impressive roster of speakers - highly sought-after STEM all-stars from across technology, education, and government, with unique insights and great ideas- who are working to find optimal answers to tough challenges of education and industry. Lego has worked with National Instruments to bring more hands-on learning to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Combining National Instruments software that’s based on the same LabVIEW program used by engineers in industry, to Lego robots,enables students to hone their reasoning skills through creative problem-solving, rather than relying on memorization, textbooks and lectures.

“The goal is to get kids interested in engineering and after-school programs based on the same technology they’ll be using after they're out of school,” says Jennifer Dawkins, STEM program manager at National Instruments.

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White House FY 2015 Budget calls for Increased Investment in STEM Education - Government Wide Reorganization of STEM Education

The White House fiscal 2015 budget proposes a number of changes to improving and strengthening the quality and quantity of workers in science, technology, education and mathematics (STEM) fields. One proposed change is a government wide reorganization of STEM education programs that have traditionally been fragmented across various agencies. The proposal also seeks to focus federal STEM education efforts on five areas identified in the government’s five-year strategic plan: P-12 instruction, undergraduate education, graduate education, broadening participation in STEM to women and minorities, and STEM education activities that take place outside the traditional classroom. The budget also proposes $170 million for the Education Department to launch a cohesive initiative to transform STEM teaching and learning, in part to establish the President’s goal of recruiting, preparing and retaining 100,000 STEM teachers over the next decade.

The president's budget also would provide $333 million to support top graduate student researchers who show promise in becoming future leaders in STEM fields, and would provide $7 million for a new program to boost innovation in graduate education by providing awards to universities that come up with innovative ideas for improving student training.

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Technical Education - TE in STEM

The Technical Education field has stood the challenges of all education and industry during these past years, and proven its worth. Technical Education programs are changing, evolving and innovating to better serve the country’s needs. Preparing students of all ages to help drive America’s success and vitality, it is creating an educational environment that integrates core academics with real-world relevance.

Every day we hear politicians and business leaders advocating an emphasis on STEM education (science, technology, engineering and math). What is STEM? A STEM education is not just teaching math or science; it is a way of teaching. Rather than basing instruction on a test, a STEM class focuses on hands-on learning. Students participate in an activity while learning science, math, and other skills.
Technical Education is the TE in STEM, We deliver Project-based learning that includes science and math in every subject. STEM EDUCATION is coming to your school. Technical Educators need to take the lead, and reach out to Science and Math Departments and Administration. Let them know you have the projects that will deliver STEM Education. Every day we hear the question, “What can schools do to connect more directly to jobs?" Technical Educators are Leading the Way.

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National Media on STEM Education

STEM Education is being discussed around the Nation. Multi-National Companies continue to express thier support. Click on the headline to access special reports and articles.

The New York Times Special Look at STEM Education

Expecting Best Yield Results in Massachusetts. Adopting rigorous standards, and sticking with them while giving teachers some breathing room, has helped Massachusetts’ students rise to No. 1 in the nation on science and math achievement.

Guesses and Hype Give Way To Data in Study of Education. What works in science and math education? Until recently, there had been few solid answers — just guesses and hunches, marketing hype and extrapolations from small pilot studies.



STEM Schools Built on More than Science and Math.These niche schools are built on project-based learning, critical thinking and collaboration – a model that can be replicated at schools across the country, according to STEM school leaders.

Tips for Transitioning to Project-Based Learning. Rather than tacking a group project onto the end of a unit, this approach introduces a project at the beginning and uses it to drive the unit. Students at Manor New Tech complete 65 projects each year, capping each off with a public presentation.

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