All American Soap Box Derby

Gravity Racing Challenge

With Soap Box Derby cars being used in over 300 schools in 13 states and in classrooms in Singapore, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, and Japan, the International Soap Box Derby continues its mission to develop and provide educational opportunities for K-12 youth worldwide.

Promoting the S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, and math) initiative in education through gravity racing, the Gravity Racing Challenge (GRC) program is designed to provide K-12 educators and students  with  meaningful, project and standards based, intercurricular  learning opportunities. Educators are successfully implementing the GRC program in classrooms,  after-school, summer or enrichment programs and clubs worldwide.

Funding for school teams participating and competing in the Gravity Racing Challenge (GRC) program is being  obtained through grants, partnerships, or donations with community organizations and businesses. With Soap Box Derby car kits purchased from the International Soap Box Derby through these funding sources, teams of students and teachers assemble and fine tune their race cars for the annual International Gravity Racing Challenge school team race, held each May at Akron's world famous Derby Downs Track.

The GRC team competition, first held in May, 2010, hosted only two teams. Twelve students from Akron's National Inventors Hall of Fame School competed in a race down Derby Downs Track. The May 19th, 2012  Gravity Racing Challenge event included over 400 educators and students and 65 school teams from Ohio and North Carolina. Throughout this event, teams competed not only in racing, but also in photography, infomerical, marketing, and graphic design competitions. In addition, universities, businesses and community organizations conducted S.T.E.M. activities throughout the GRC event for students to experience.

Preparations for the May 18th, 2013 Gravity Racing Challenge event are underway, with school teams comprised of up to 10 student members (driver, alternate driver, 2-4 pit crew members and media specialists) and two coaches, now forming.

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