Automotive Industry Education and Employment Stats

  • Auto dealerships play a huge role in the economy. Total dealership sales are about $500 billion a year. (NADA Data, 2009)
  • Almost one of every eight retail dollars is spent at car dealerships. (NADA Data, 2009)
  • Total dealership payroll is $51.5 billion—almost 14 percent of the nation’s total retail payroll. (NADA Data, May 2006)
  • More than 12.5 million new cars and trucks are sold each year. (Automotive News Data, December 2010)
  • Service and parts departments are key profit centers. Annual franchised dealership service and parts sales topped $76 billion in 2009. (NADA Data, 2009)
  • Dealerships employ more than 250,000 service technicians. (NADA Data, 2009)
  • Dealerships need new technicians annually to keep up with increasing demand. (Auto Retailing Today)
  • Dealerships complete more than 256 million repair orders annually (NADA Data, 2009)
  • Technicians earn from $28,000 to more than $100,000 annually. (NADA)
  • Technician pay has been rising faster than inflation since 1988. (NADA)