Bryan Setser, a highly acclaimed educator and leader in the design of next generation learning models, has been named Chief Design Officer of Matchbook Learning, a national non-profit organization committed to the transformation of public schools in America.

               The Matchbook model, currently being used in Matchbook operated charter schools in Detroit and Newark, is based on an innovative personalized learning methodology supported with extensive teacher training and a powerful learning technology platform called Spark.

Dr. Setser will lead the effort to design and build Matchbook’s unique platform and experience into a “Matchbook Accelerator,” a program that enables schools and districts around the country to utilize Matchbook’s tools, technology and expertise and train their own teams to transform schools using the Matchbook method.

He will also design tools and processes to further refine Matchbook’s process and further enhance the learning experience at the schools Matchbook operates.

Sajan George, Matchbook’s CEO, said: “Bryan has been nationally recognized as one of the leading innovators in designing new learning models that help schools succeed and help children gain the tools they need to compete in the 21st Century economy.” 

“As one of the architects of the ‘digerati’ movement in public education, he revitalized and transformed the North Carolina Virtual School into a national model for e-learning and during his time as Chief Quality Officer at Iredell Statesville Schools, the district received a Malcolm Baldridge National Award and was recognized as a national best practice staff development site by the American Productivity and Quality Council.

“Our education system faces many serious challenges,” Mr. George continued, “and everyone in this field needs to move quickly to bring innovation and new models to the children who need them.  Bryan is the ideal person to help Matchbook continue to innovate and to grow, exploring new opportunities for making our model accessible to greater numbers of schools.”

Dr. Setser said: “I was blown away by what I saw at Matchbook when I first visited the schools in 2014.  The closer I’ve gotten and the more I’ve learned, the more I believed that Matchbook can help change the odds for students, teachers and communities.  Getting the chance to work with Matchbook’s schools, to help enhance the things that work best, and to develop ways of scaling the Matchbook experience to other states, districts and schools, will be an extraordinary opportunity.”

              Prior to joining Matchbook, Dr. Setser was a Partner at 2Revolutions, an education design lab that designs and launches Future of Learning models and catalyzes the conditions within which they can thrive.  He has previously served as CEO of North Carolina Virtual School and as Chief Quality Officer at Iredell Statesville Schools.

               He has also served on numerous national reform efforts including the National Digital Learning Council, the INACOL State Leadership Team, NC Education Cloud Team and the State Virtual Leaders Alliance.  He has been appointed by three separate Governors of North Carolina to the E-Learning and School Technology Commissions. He has been a member of Matchbook Learning’s Board of Directors and, most recently, its Chair, a position he will resign upon joining Matchbook’s staff.

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