Educating Tomorrow's Engineers Act of 2015

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114th CONGRESS, 1st Session,  H. R. 823 - To better integrate STEM education into elementary and secondary instruction and curricula, to encourage high-quality STEM professional  development, and to expand current mathematics and science education research to include engineering education.

◦Ensures that engineering design skills are part of science standards in each state and authorizes the use of State Assessment Grants to integrate engineering into state science tests
◦Sets aside a portion of Title II funds for STEM professional development for STEM professional development through the Teacher and Principal Training and Recruitment Fund
◦Amends the Education Science Reform Act of 2002 to authorize the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) to expand the scope of their research activities from sole math and science to include all STEM subjects with a focus on identifying best practices and promising innovations
◦Amends the Math and Science Partnership Program to include all STEM subjects encompassing engineering and computer science
For the afterschool community it is important to note that the bill also amends the section of Title 4 relating to 21st Century Community Learning Centers by expanding the current priorities of the program from “math and science” to STEM to allow the use of funds for afterschool programs in subjects such as engineering, technology and computer science instead of just mathematics and traditional science subjects like biology, chemistry and physics. A similar change to include STEM is also included in the After School for America’s Children Act introduced by Senator Barbara Boxer last week.
Representatives Paul Tonko, Joe Kennedy, David McKinley, and Rodney Davis have reintroduced the Educating Tomorrow’s Engineers Act (H.R. 823), which seeks to amend several pieces of legislation to remove the barriers at the federal level for K-12 engineering education by amending the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and the Education Science Reform Act.