Technical Education: From Homeless to CNC Operator in 4 Months

Jason came to Symbol hungry for a career change.   He had been unemployed for several years, barely making ends meet working at a carwash and living in a shelter.  Jason met with a career counselor who suggested he look into the manufacturing field since it is a career that would continue to provide opportunities for growth and personal development.  Jason liked the idea of working in a production occupation with high tech machines.  


Impressed that the demand for CNC operators would continue to increase for the foreseeable future, Jason enrolled in Symbol's CNC 303 course, studying CNC Programming, Setup and Operations with an additional 80 hours of machine shop internship. 


The staff at Symbol took notice that Jason was the first student to show up for class everyday even though he was dependent on public transportation.  He would go over his notes from previous classes and read the texts for future chapters before class began for the day.   Through his hard work and dedication, Jason stayed at the top of his class.


Despite struggling with homelessness and a limited work history, he was able to obtain a high demand skill set that allowed him to dramatically improve his life in a period of four months.  Jason was hired by a manufacturing company in Elk Grove Village several weeks prior to graduating from Symbol.  He started part time for training and as an assistant to the programmer.  Once he graduated in August 2013, he switched to full time and was given a pay increase.  


Jason is thankful to the staff at Symbol for assisting him in his career change and to his sister for providing ongoing encouragement to bettering himself.   With his achievement comes a newfound confidence and positive outlook on the future.    Jason says that he now looks forward to owning his own home in the next few years.  Symbol Training Institute truly changed Jason's life!