Secretary Duncan Announces Grant Competition to Retrain Displaced Workers, Help Rebuild America's Economy

Milwaukee — U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan visited the Milwaukee Area Technical College today to announce a $7 million special competitive grant to establish innovative and sustainable community college programs that prepare displaced workers for second careers. This first-of-its-kind grant program will be used to develop national models that can be replicated across the country, especially in communities where autoworkers have lost their jobs.

South Dakota school struggles with technology budget

According to a report by The Daily Republic of South Dakota, one candidate for the Mitchell school board is calling school laptop policy into question, citing the upcoming 2010-2011 budget crunch. The Daily Republick sent out a questionnaire to collect the candidates' reactions on topics  such as where budget cuts should be made and what is the greatest need of the district.

From the article:

In response to the question, "What is the next greatest pressing need for the school district," Neil Putnam said: 


Michigan focusing on developing battery industry

The Michigan Business Review yesterday interviewed Loch McCabe, founder of Ann Arbor-based Shepherd Advisors, one of Michigan's oldest renewable energy consulting firms and asked him what he thought about the state's focus on the battery industry. McCabe said he believes that electric power is going to become increasingly important in the drivetrain. 


Obama confirms $467 million for geothermal, solar

 Obama confirmed today that $467 million of the economic stimulus package would be invested in solar power and geothermal energy projects. He was touring Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada when he made the statement to reporters today, 100 days after the passage of the Economic Recovery Act. Obama said that he wanted to build a new foundation for America's economy.

“We have a choice,” he said. “We can remain the world’s leading importer of oil, or we can become the world’s leading exporter of clean energy.”


Living Machine garden recycles water with microorganisms and plants

This might be a little old, but it's one of the coolest things I've seen this week. Mentioned in the article about a green parking garage, the 'Living Machine' is a water treatment system engineered as an environmentally friendly solution in every sense of the world. In the garage, part of the system is installed where patrons can observe, and without any undesirable smells or sights. 


Green airport parking; mundane building provides LEEDing example

 Why not build a parking garage that meets LEED Gold standards? The Sandy Post of Oregon has a great article on the construction project making every effort possible to reduce the impact of what most would consider a carbon emissions nightmare, even topping the 3,500 parking spaces with a 3-story office building.


Michigan Works! helping adults achieve GED and beyond

 With Michigan unemployment rates reaching as high as 12.6 percent many adults are returning to classrooms in to acquire their GED and train up skills for an increasingly competitive job market. Michigan Works! is expected to open a satellite office in Brighton this August to help assist the growing population of adults seeking further education. 

From the Detroit News:


Alabama second state to deploy CareerForward online curriculum

CareerForward, an online curriculum aimed at teaching high school students important values for the increasingly technological careers of the future, is now being deployed across the state of Alabama, second in the U.S. after Michigan to require online learning experience. It's designed to get students thinking about how to focus their skills and where to find help when they need it. The course also teaches financial literacy and prepares them for a global economy.


Ten tips for job-seekers

Looking for a new job? Recently laid off? At any rate we've all been there and in our current economy, don't know if or when we'll be back on the trail again. Even with all the electronic tools available to us today, some good, old-fashioned advice may be just the thing to help gain an edge over the competition.

Steve Maluitch wrote a fine ten-point list of tips for job seekers over on African-American News & Issues that applies well to anybody. Such as this tip that I feel I've been overlooking lately.



Pine Jog Elementary earning green extra credit with digital energy consumption display

In South Florida, technology and architecture combine to give elementary school students a jump start on thinking green. Recently installed at Pine Jog Elementary, the Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard is an interactive touchscreen device that displays realtime information about a building's energy consumption, trends, and provides information on alternative energy and efficiency. And Principal Fred Barch likes how it allows the students to monitor daily energy use and savings.


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