DePaul Hosts Pacific Rim Leaders' Conference to Address 21st Century Education

Why shouldn't we be competitive internationally in technical and vocational education? DePaul University will be holding a conference to talk about just that June 22-25 in Chicago. All Pacific Rim nations are invited. The Department of Education is coordinating. Read on for the full press release.

Schools tailor classes to students' dream jobs

I can count myself as one of those students who, having recently graduated, lacks a clear outlook on what I should do for a career. If only career-focused programs were more available when I was in high school.The Contra Costa Times writes of young students' need for such programs, which are on the rise apparently.

Via the Contra Costa Times:

Obama's outline for education reform

A White House press release published today outlines the President's intentions for education reform. This includes new technology for gauging the performance of students as well as what may be a merit-based reward system for teachers.

The outlook also looks good for technical and vocational program development in the coming years.

Indecision over New Jersey tech school

The Daily Journal of New Jersey published today a thorough examination of two proposals for the Cumberland County Technical Education Center, which isn't meeting student demands.

One proposal would have the Cumberland County College merge with the technical school, while another would expand CCTEC's campus and move it from a part-time to a full-time high school.

Still, many are unsure of which route will serve students better. From the article:

Job losses at 25-year high

Unemployment in the U.S. reached a 25-year high in February according to figures just released by the Department of Labor, reports Reuters.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. unemployment rate hit a 25-year high of 8.1 percent last month as employers buckling under the strain of a severe recession axed 651,000 jobs, government data showed on Friday.

Should Johnny learn 'core' or 'skills'?

WASHINGTON — If someone told you that kids need to think critically and creatively, be technologically savvy and work well with others, you’d nod in agreement, right?

Startups and education should be focus of stimulus

Stimulus, schmimulus, it's startups that will bring the economy around, wrote Reid Hoffman for TechCrunch.
In addition to promoting small business loans, he also suggests a policy change for H-1B visas, with a focus on education funding.

New York unemployed seek training, guidance

Recently displaced unemployed flood New York's Division of Unemployment and Workforce Solutions searching for the training and guidance in finding new careers, says Reuters.

IBM plans to Power up mainframe education

Hesh Wiener over at IT Jungle just published a heady newsletter on IBM's plans to expand the role of its Power line of mainframe computers in university mainframe computing programs.

From the article:

IBM by Anthony Zugaldia

DeVry stock tagged for fast-moving portfolios

DeVry University (DV) has been tagged as one of the top 5 fast-growth stocks for March by
DeVry stock tagged for fast-moving portfolios

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