Job losses at 25-year high

Unemployment in the U.S. reached a 25-year high in February according to figures just released by the Department of Labor, reports Reuters.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. unemployment rate hit a 25-year high of 8.1 percent last month as employers buckling under the strain of a severe recession axed 651,000 jobs, government data showed on Friday.

Should Johnny learn 'core' or 'skills'?

WASHINGTON — If someone told you that kids need to think critically and creatively, be technologically savvy and work well with others, you’d nod in agreement, right?

Startups and education should be focus of stimulus

Stimulus, schmimulus, it's startups that will bring the economy around, wrote Reid Hoffman for TechCrunch.
In addition to promoting small business loans, he also suggests a policy change for H-1B visas, with a focus on education funding.

New York unemployed seek training, guidance

Recently displaced unemployed flood New York's Division of Unemployment and Workforce Solutions searching for the training and guidance in finding new careers, says Reuters.

IBM plans to Power up mainframe education

Hesh Wiener over at IT Jungle just published a heady newsletter on IBM's plans to expand the role of its Power line of mainframe computers in university mainframe computing programs.

From the article:

IBM by Anthony Zugaldia

DeVry stock tagged for fast-moving portfolios

DeVry University (DV) has been tagged as one of the top 5 fast-growth stocks for March by
DeVry stock tagged for fast-moving portfolios

Arizona tech industry, education lagging behind

Arizona's science education and science and technology industries are taking a hit, according to
The Arizona Science Center

Green Education for Green Jobs

Community colleges like Coconino and Yavapai in Arizona and San Juan in New Mexico offer degrees in solar design and installation and energy-efficient building.

Graduates in these fields are just about guaranteed jobs. For instance, the nation will likely need more than 5,000 solar installers by 2015. [Check out]

Yet career advisers like Marie Kerpan, who founded Green Careers eight years ago, have mixed feelings about sustainability education, especially for green job seekers transitioning from other careers.

    [Photo credit: Center for American Progress ]

“If they have a lot of fabulous experience that’s completely relevant, then I don’t see the need to go back to school,” Kerpan said. “If they don’t have a lot of credentials and they don’t have a lot of experience that’s relevant, then school can be a good idea.”

Americans Need to Know More About Technology

Most Americans know little about the world of technology, yet from day to day they must make critical decisions that are technologically based, such as whether to buy genetically engineered foods or transmit personal data over the Internet.

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