The Future of Ed Tech Markets

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FIRST ALLIANCE represents a system of learning connecting experience, simulation, play, design, art, culture, philosophy, inventiveness, and experimentation. The Atlanta GENIUS and other FIRST ALLIANCE competitors are reflecting the future to us today. It is often said that the jobs of the future do not exist—but the jobs and technologies of the future are here and more often we do not evolve, change and adapt our descriptions of work. For example only 6% of jobs are typically categorized by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics while nearly all jobs and aspects of life in the 21st century involve technology at some level. The FIRST ALLIANCE is transforming education markets and represents an indicator of a new species emerging due to environmental change. This FIRST ALLIANCE is global, it is rooted in kit-based educational technology outside of state of practice in traditional educational publisher and ed tech markets.

This is why the FIRST ALLIANCE is so important. This alliance evolves what educational technology is, how it is developed, who creates it, how it enters the market and all the while effectively subverting educational barriers involving standards, unions, teachers pay and the other obsessive topics of reformation that are political but not educational in nature.

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