New Machinist Calculator Increases Productivity, Profits

Calculated Industries, maker of the award-winning Construction Master® calculators, has developed a new handheld calculator specifically designed for machinists. The Machinist Calc Pro is built for efficiency-minded machinists, setters, tool-and-die makers, supervisors and shop owners in small to mid-sized machine shops who want to increase shop productivity and profits in the design, layout and set-up stages of production.

The Machinist Calc Pro is a dedicated handheld machining math and reference tool that provides a complete assortment of essential machine shop solutions and time-saving tap and drill charts that can dramatically increase users’ calculating power, eliminate wasted steps and reduce costly machine-tool wear.
Mark Paulsen, vice president of marketing for Calculated Industries, says the company's market research showed the need for a better machinist's calculator. “In many ways they’re based on things we've already done with other trade calculators, but this is very specific to machinists. It's just such a quick and easy way to check, or re-check, the many numbers, calculations and look-ups machinists are concerned about without having to consult charts, books or computers.”
Dedicated functions include:
  • Built-in Drill and Thread Size Tables
  • Drill Point Cut Depth solutions
  • Cutting Speed, Spindle Speed (RPM)
  • Feed Rate, Cutting Feed, Feed per Tooth (Chip Load)
  • Bolt Pattern hole layouts
Advanced Bolt Pattern hole layouts with center x, y coordinate
  • Right triangle math
  • Trigonometric solutions
  • Wire Sizes and 3-Wire measurements
The Machinist Calc Pro (Model 4087) comes with a shock resistant Armadillo Gear case and is priced at $79.95.