Grade Level Subject
Wind speed and anemometers High School Engineering
Hydrophobic effect and nanotechnology High School STEM, Material engineering
Cleaning up oil spills High School Environmental studies, Engineering
Pendulum clocks High School STEM, Physics, engineering
Transportation by Pipeline High School Environmental studies, Engineering
Planting with Precision High School Engineering design, agriculture
Playing with Parachutes High School Engineering, physics
Detecting air pollution High School STEM, Engineering, Environmental science
Popsicle Stick Bridge High School Structural Engineering, STEM
Video Game Programming High School Tech Ed, STEM, Pre-Engineering
Rotational Equilibrium High School Physics, Algebra, STEM
Pulleys and Force Middle School STEM, Force, Machines
Radio Reception and Transmission High School STEM, Science
Rescue devices High School STEM, Engineering
Rubber Band Racecars High School Automotive engineering, STEM
Watercraft engineering and sailing High School Pre-Engineering, STEM, naval architecture
Series and Parallel Circuits Middle School Science
Building and Understanding Seismographs Middle School Earth Science, STEM
Shipping design Middle School Construction design, engineering, STEM
Shipping flowers and water High School Package design, engineering